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Dance Dosti

We bring fun and fitness together with accessible, free digital dance sessions.

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Dance Dosti Team

About Dance Dosti

Dance is a fun and creative way to be active, and to support our physical and mental health. Dancing can help lift our spirits along with our heart rate. Dance Dosti is created by award-winning dance company Step Change Studios. In partnership with Metro Blind Sport, and supported by Vision Foundation, we want to support more people to enjoy the benefits of dance. This is why we have created Dance Dosti digital.

Dance Dosti is here to support you to take part in regular dance, and to improve your wellbeing, while enjoying the experience. Our free sessions are created as short-bursts of activity to help you fit it in around your daily life, when and where you want. 

All video and audio sessions are free to the Dance Dosti community once you register for free. You only need to register once to start dancing. You can then access all sessions for free in future by entering your email to login.

Dance Dosti Teacher in dance pose

The Programme

Dance Dosti is a free resource providing over 100 videos and audio dance workouts in different languages. You can do as many classes as you like, in any order and you can repeat classes you enjoy. Each dance session is around 15-minutes.

The Dance Dosti sessions are arranged by language, and choice of standing and seated dance. Our dance content is available in four different languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Bengali. You can choose between video and audio format. 

Our Dance Dosti sessions are led by experienced dancers from a South Asian background. The dance sessions are inspired by a fusion of different styles including Bollywood, Latin, Street and Contemporary Dance. Our sessions provide different options for different abilities.

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